About Us

The Good Traveller was founded by Bill Jones, a widely respected guide and raconteur who has 40 years travel experience and expertise in 180 countries worldwide. Bill has worked for many prestigious organisations, including The Royal Academy of Arts, National Geographic, The Smithsonian Institute, and Chief Executives Organisation.

Widely respected in the travel business he has been at the forefront of the development of tourism in many countries, particularly in Bhutan

Bill has witnessed evolution of tourism in Asia since the 1980’s, pioneering train and air tours when some of the countries were still reeling from the aftermath of conflict, and his knowledge of local history and firsthand experience of the contrasts between the tribulations of some countries and the prosperity of others gives him a unique understanding of the region. His studies of Buddhism give him a profound insight into the heartbeat of several of the cultures of Asia, and particularly South East and South Asia.

Bill Jones – Your Guide

Bill Jones has over 40 years’ experience in the travel industry, working in the field in China, Southeast Asia, Bhutan, Europe, Asia Minor, Central Asia, India, Indian Ocean islands, Latin America and Africa. He has an in depth knowledge of a wide range of cultures and geographical areas. His expertise has been called upon by tourist authorities in Bhutan and China for the training of tourist guides and by tour operators for the establishment of tour programmes to countries which have just opened their doors to tourism.

The Good Traveller – our Philosophy

At the Good Traveller we believe that a journey is an opportunity to develop a respect for the developing world and its often fragile heritage. It is a chance to further our knowledge and understanding of a fast-changing world and learn to appreciate environments and cultures which are new to us in the company of like-minded fellow travellers. It is our policy to donate a proportion of our fee to local charities in the countries visited. We discuss this with you and together identify projects or foundations which are of particular interest to you, so that you may visit them during your trip if you wish.