How We Work


We create unique, inspired and totally personalized itineraries, with very special activities that are not normally available, and require significant time and effort to arrange. We take you every step of the way, and we are available seven days a week to provide the ultimate in personal service. We make the difference between a good trip … and a truly extraordinary adventure.
The Good Traveller creates unique, inspired and totally personalized itineraries for experienced, discerning travellers. We design one-of-a-kind activities and arrange insider access to people and places that are not available to the ordinary traveler. We usually start with a phone call, and we also love meeting our clients in person if possible. Here are the typical steps involved in planning your holiday with The Good Traveller:

The Steps

•    Complimentary consultation
•    Suggested trip outline and rough cost estimate
•    $1000 engagement fee (or possibly 10% of cost)
•    Detailed itinerary (1st draft including accommodations flights, visa information) and cost
•    Invoice of 35%-65% of total cost (based on number of days prior to departure)
•    Further updates on itinerary (if necessary)
•    Invoice final balance and client agreement (based on days prior to departure)

Our Team

The Good Traveller team is made up of talented and passionate team members, both in the office and on the ground by a dedicated network of professional guides, drivers and ground managers.

Bill Jones

Co-Founder and CEO
Bill is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Good Traveller.  After finishing University in Liverpool England in the early 70’s he began a career quite unexpectedly in travel. Now close to 40 years later he has led countless tours worldwide to destinations in more than 180 countries.
Bill spent a decade in China during the 80’s and was one of the first westerners to travel over the Karakoram Highway from Pakistan to Kashgar. In 1986 Bill led the 50th Anniversary Tour of Peter Fleming’s ‘News From Tartary’ a journey following the Silk Road in 1936.